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Are you interested in joining in with some free online practical workshops and getting an insight into Careers and Sustainable/Ethical challenges relating to textiles?

These workshops are aimed at people studying (and those teaching) Textile / Fashion based subjects at A Level, BTEC, Foundation and potentially GCSE. Other subject areas that often have an affinity with textile processes are: Fine Art, Graphics, Illustration and Interiors – if this might be you, feel free to join us. You can attend all of the sessions or just those that interest you!

Image from Experimental Embroidery Workshop by Elnaz Yadani

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday 29th September 2021EmbroideryExperimental Embroidery
Wednesday 27th
October 2021
KnitHomemade Knitting Machine
Wednesday 24th November 2021Textile DesignPattern Generation
Wednesday 26th January 2022WeavePaper Weaving & Structures
Wednesday 23rd February 2022Surface DesignFabric Manipulation [for interiors & fashion]
Wednesday 30th
March 2022
PrintSharpie Printing
Wednesday 27th
April 2022
Future TextilesDesign for 3d Printing
Wednesday 25th
May 2022
Textile CraftsSmocking for Couture & Construction




Workshop Title: Pattern Generation (for Textile Design)
Tutor Names: Helen Ryall
Date of Live Workshop: Wednesday 24th November 18:30-20:30 Online 
Overview:   This workshop is about pattern generation using a variety of collaging techniques. 
Within this workshop, we will discuss elements of repeats, scale, placement and colour and the potential for these designs to be manufactured with in the field of textile design.
Materials & Tools Required: Here is what you will need for the workshop:

– A variety of coloured papers (these can be new or recycled, for example wrapping paper, magazines, newspaper, coloured plain papers)
– Scissors
– Pritt stick
– Scalpel and cutting mat
– Hole punch (if possible)
– Pencil
– Ruler
More info: There are additional workshop videos that allow this pattern generation exercise to be completed digitally using Adobe Illustrator, please download the presentation below to see all video links.


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