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Are you interested in joining in with some online practical workshops and getting insight into careers, sustainable/ethical challenges relating to the workshop? These workshops are aimed at people studying [and those teaching] Textile / Fashion based subjects at A Level, BTEC, Foundation and potentially GCSE. Other subject areas that often have an affinity with textile processes are fine art, graphics, illustration, interiors – if this might be you, feel free to join us.

You can attend all of the sessions or, just those that interest you.

wed 29 septEmbroideryExperimental Embroidery
wed 27 octKnitHomemade Knitting machine
wed 24 novTextile DesignPattern Generation
wed 26 janWeavePaper Weaving & Structures
wed 23 febSurface DesignFabric Manipulation [for interiors & fashion]
wed 30 marPrintSharpie Printing
wed 27 aprFuture TextilesDesign for 3d Printing
wed 25 mayTextile CraftsSmocking for Couture & Construction

WorkShop Details (including link to live session)

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Name:  Elnaz Yazdani  
Workshop Title: Experimental Embroidery  
Date of Live Workshop: 29th September 18:30-20:30 Online 
Overview   Join Textile Artist and Embroidery Technician Elnaz Yazdani for an exciting experimental embroidery workshop! You can find the beauty in even the most mundane of objects. Learn how to use a wide range of experimental materials for embroidery. In the workshop you will be guided through a variety of hand embroidery and embellishment techniques using a range of alternative, up-cycled materials to create your own unique embroidery sample. All techniques you learn can be applied to any cloth item or project you have in mind, so you can carry on stitching using your new skills beyond the workshop  
Materials & tools required.  Here is what you need to have ready for the workshop: Some embroidery needles (Crewel, Chenille and Beading needles) Some threads and yarns, work with what you can find, embroidery threads, threads for the machine, cut strips of fabrics, thinner knitting or crochet yarns, paper yarn, plastic, ribbon, trimmings… basically if you can get it through your needle you can embroider with it! Fabric to work onto, plain or patterned, natural fabrics work best for beginners, try a cotton, wool, denim or linen, avoid stretch fabrics. Upcycle onto old bedding, pair or jeans, cushion or jacket. A pair of scissors If you have an embroidery hoop or frame please have this ready, if not it’s not essential so don’t worry. A pencil or fabric marker pen if you have one. Beads and sequins of your choosing Collect unusual materials to work with from around your home, upcycle and reuse, paper, card, plastic, rubber, straws, paper clips, old jewellery chain. Anything you see fit to use as an embellishment in your design.  
About your Tutor  Elnaz Yazdani is an embroidery artist and educator based in Yorkshire. With a portfolio practice in embroidery and background in embroidery education, Elnaz is dedicated to sharing her skills and promoting the importance of embroidery as an art form for the future.  

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