Eleanor Cross

The Mini Artist is a gender-neutral fashion collection that encourages creativity
and self-expression to the fashion-conscious generation Alphas aged between
7-12 years old. Inspired by shape and patterns found in sculptures Cross has
translated her observational drawings into embroidery and digital print to produce this high end-end textiles collection for S/S21


Instagram: el.cross.textiles

Website: http://www.eleanor-cross.com

Rubab Akram

 The collection has been inspired by the patterns and structures within historical holy places such as Islamic and Church Architecture, reinventing and praising the past. Heavily Embellished geometrical and floral trim’s design have been embroidered onto hand dyed velvet, beautifully crafted style conscious customers.

Email  rubab_akram15@hotmail.com 

Instagram : designs_by_rubab

Laura Trowsdale

A vibrant collection of decorative weaves that combines innovative colour blending and traditional, technical leno handweaving skills. Presented in a palette that ranges from fresh bright to deep dark tones, the collection is playful and expressive, creating a set of sophisticated fabrics directed towards the high-end apparel market.



Instagram: @lauraemilyt