Neesha De Silva

Inspired by a documented series of daily photographs, fragments of life are unpicked and translated. A playful approach to colour explores their communicative qualities, through the expression of personal emotions and memories. These alongside the composition of abstract digital and hand embroidered designs, merge together to create a sari.

Instagram: @neeshatextiles

Laura Trowsdale

A vibrant collection of decorative weaves that combines innovative colour blending and traditional, technical leno handweaving skills. Presented in a palette that ranges from fresh bright to deep dark tones, the collection is playful and expressive, creating a set of sophisticated fabrics directed towards the high-end apparel market.

Instagram: @lauraemilyt

Beth Walker

Keep Behind the Line is a collection inspired by the overlooked whilst travelling through a train station, focusing on texture, colour and structure to bring these details to life. The enlarged scale of the designs helps emphasise the finer details and encourages all of us to appreciate our surroundings.

Sarah Moses

Inspired initially by the Memphis Design Movement, Moses’ work is driven by blocks of bold colours, logical compositions, and the importance of process in design. This collection reflects on how art can be involved in producing functional cloth. Moses stayed with classic suiting influences whilst producing a distinct cloth.

Instagram: sarahmtextiles

Sally Steward

In a technology, touchscreen-driven world, this enticing collection brings the tactile sense back down to earth exploring Newton’s principle that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Tangibility questions materiality through an experiment-driven practice, showing off three-dimensional fabrics that were made to move, mold and respond.

Chole Pullan

The calming change of sun in the evening casts light throughout the room, this sensory experience inspires Pullan’s collection of fine hand-woven textiles. Using qualities of transparency, light and colour within her fabrics; Pullan’s aim is to create the feeling of serenity through a playful effort to reinvent the net curtain.

Instagram – @chloe.jayne.p

Eleanor Friston

As the wired generation evolves, traditional handcrafts and slow stitch are being replaced by the instant gratification of technology. Through blackwork embroidery, this artwork juxtaposes our reliance on digital media and incessant use of interactive screens with the natural world, and comments on the digital prison our addiction has created.

Madeleine Wright

Charles Thompson’s mission was founded in 1892 to comfort the poor of the Wirral. Their compassionate ethos remains unchanged because poverty persists in 2018. People rarely consider their safety nets until they are in desperate need. This project aims to raise awareness of the mission’s role in providing an essential safety net.

Kirsty Lodge

Neoteric Eden is a collection of bespoke upholstery fabric inspired by forms and textures of plants. The literal and abstract style adds character alongside the playful use of colour. These hand-woven jacquard fabrics have their own personality, creating an atmosphere that brings a uniqueness to their surrounding environment.

Joy Pocock

These heritage dolls represent a way of life not often seen in today’s modern world. Perhaps from a time when life appeared slower. They come from a time when local craftsmanship was the standard way of trading and the thought of having goods from another country was for the wealthy and few.

Each doll has been connected to a craftsperson or a museum that aims to keep the history of that time alive. In making these dolls, the creator has also discovered connections within her own family history of craftsmen and women as wooden boat builders, fishermen and weavers.

Instagram: @bettyvirago

Lucy Macdonald

Bad Taste is a collection of interiors that draws inspiration from the shapes within 70s patterns and kitsch design. The intensity of the colour is key to the overall theme of this collection along with excessive texture. The essence of these creations is a sense of playfulness.

Instagram: @lucymactextiles

Rachel Critchley

Finals 1 high resFinals 2 high res

Interknitted Stories: Tales of the Mill explores Yorkshire’s vibrant textile heritage through the focal point of the cotton come carpet mill central to the village where the artist grew up. Childhood memories of stories and play are collaged together with strong themes of industry, architecture, community and family life.

Instagram: @rachel_critchley

Harriet Pickles

Provide a place to escape and unwind, aiding their tranquillity preparatory to sleep. Story-telling is encouraged within children’s interiors using narrative designs that are aesthetically considered for both the parent and child to enjoy.

Erin Hamilton

Curious Kinder is a collection that encourages outdoor lifestyle, to inspire children age 4 + to “go and have an adventure”; motivating the parent and child to bond and play. The gap between the children’s interior and fashion market is addressed, providing the ultimate mix and match fabric, bedding and pyjama collection.

Apan Azad

Through the use of hand embroidery techniques, goldwork embellishment and hand-dyed natural silks, Apan Azad has hand-crafted opulent fashion textiles starring ethereal and endearing alien creatures that explore the human expression of thought and feeling.

Leah Boyd

Urban Nostalgia consists of two contrasting collections, featuring a range of hand drawn and digital elements; combined to create individual and unique artworks for commercial spaces. These collections evoke the familiar feeling of excitement and anticipation that can be felt in a city.

Tanya Granaghan

DATED is a fresh and contemporary print collection that explores the delicious and disgusting textures and colours found on out-of-date foods, altering our idea of luxury by turning quite a gross subject matter into something that is desirable and beautiful.

Instagram: @tanyastextiles_

Alice Bailey

Soft Pop S/S 16 was the starting point for Neon Tactility. Using denim, and a mixture of hard and soft materials working together. These have formed a playful, tactile and exciting fashion collection. Bright and neon colours coming together to improve and lift mood and increase brain power.


Amelia McCreith

Inspired by the idea of art autonomy, McCreith’s collection creates new meaning which differs from the readymade artefacts it is based on. The exploration of form and colour impacts this meaning and encourages the viewer to determine the content through their personal interpretation.

Sophie Carter

This collection of luxurious, unstitched jacket panels is inspired by all aspects of florals. Elements from dismantled drawings, paintings and photographs rejoin as brand new patterns. All five hand and machine embroidered panels are bursting with colour by using multiple palettes to create bright, bold and crazy designs.

Christina Cope

‘Tufted Tapestries’ is a home interior design idea which encompasses tactile and sensory textiles to appease the inner child, through use of mixed specialisms. Alone these pieces draw attention but as a collection, they create stimulating feature walls and can also be adapted for display in commercial spaces.

Instagram: @Christinalouisetextiles

Sophie Burton

Botanical escapism is a collection inspired by our needs of escaping the realities of the outside world. With the idea to create a vibrant and energetic print collection exploring scale and a dynamic colour story in an everyday environment, creating a place to escape and rejuvenate.

Nicole Daley

This collection looks at fit and form in woven fabric. Inspired by sustainable ideas and reducing waste, Daley’s work has a focus on movement and interaction. Working with stretch and pleats to design fabric that will curve with the shape of the body

Jessica Martin

Inspired by interior and exterior of architecture, Martin analyses the predominant elements that are combined together to form clean structured lines. Colour blocking and stripe creations with pops of colour are key throughout this project. The use of bright colours uplifts the structures to create a spring-summer womenswear collection.

Natalie Pulsford

Illusion is a collection of bespoke, hand-woven, 100% silk wall coverings and wallpaper. Designs simulating from optical illusions; inspired by oil spills which evoke forever changing patterns and shapes. Illuminating any room using colourful and iridescent tones conjuring playful decorative interior fabrics using varying gradients and blends of bright colours.

Instagram @nataliepulsfordtextiles

Isabella Stevens

Woven Living formations as part of ‘Living Textiles’ Collection. Inspired by the playful sounds, motions and textures the sea naturally creates when it comes in contact with the shore. Designed to grow/transform off the loom. Each hand-dyed plant-based length shares a story of its own journey.

100% Vegan.

Sophie Wilkinson

Material Revolutions is an on-going development project that aims to invent, inspire and explore design methods which aim to reform colour and material design. Envisioned for uses in architecture, interior design and automotive, the expanding library experiments with combining material qualities and technologies together, to generate and present the unexpected.

Instagram: @sw_conceptdesign

Esther Parkinson

Lelliphant’s Adventures

The story of a little yellow elephant called Lelliphant. Inspired by expeditions in the Peak District, train rides, Geocaching and the world of imagination.

The cross-disciplinary link between textiles and illustration gives a refreshing, unrestrained approach to storytelling. Following in Lelliphant’s footsteps, this adventure can help children to learn creatively through experience, problem-solving and interactivity.

Sammar Khalifa

Sammar Khalif is a designer-maker specialising in embroidery.

Her fascination for folds led her to continue her exploration with folds through capturing different hair textures and draping fabrics.&then closely drawing from folds in clothing and then create experimental drawings translating those drawings Into traditional hand embroidery techniques

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