Neesha De Silva

Inspired by a documented series of daily photographs, fragments of life are unpicked and translated. A playful approach to colour explores their communicative qualities, through the expression of personal emotions and memories. These alongside the composition of abstract digital and hand embroidered designs, merge together to create a sari.

Instagram: @neeshatextiles

Laura Trowsdale

A vibrant collection of decorative weaves that combines innovative colour blending and traditional, technical leno handweaving skills. Presented in a palette that ranges from fresh bright to deep dark tones, the collection is playful and expressive, creating a set of sophisticated fabrics directed towards the high-end apparel market.

Instagram: @lauraemilyt

Beth Walker

Keep Behind the Line is a collection inspired by the overlooked whilst travelling through a train station, focusing on texture, colour and structure to bring these details to life. The enlarged scale of the designs helps emphasise the finer details and encourages all of us to appreciate our surroundings.

Sarah Moses

Inspired initially by the Memphis Design Movement, Moses’ work is driven by blocks of bold colours, logical compositions, and the importance of process in design. This collection reflects on how art can be involved in producing functional cloth. Moses stayed with classic suiting influences whilst producing a distinct cloth.

Instagram: sarahmtextiles

Sally Steward

In a technology, touchscreen-driven world, this enticing collection brings the tactile sense back down to earth exploring Newton’s principle that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Tangibility questions materiality through an experiment-driven practice, showing off three-dimensional fabrics that were made to move, mold and respond.