Chole Pullan

The calming change of sun in the evening casts light throughout the room, this sensory experience inspires Pullan’s collection of fine hand-woven textiles. Using qualities of transparency, light and colour within her fabrics; Pullan’s aim is to create the feeling of serenity through a playful effort to reinvent the net curtain.

Instagram – @chloe.jayne.p

Eleanor Friston

As the wired generation evolves, traditional handcrafts and slow stitch are being replaced by the instant gratification of technology. Through blackwork embroidery, this artwork juxtaposes our reliance on digital media and incessant use of interactive screens with the natural world, and comments on the digital prison our addiction has created.

Madeleine Wright

Charles Thompson’s mission was founded in 1892 to comfort the poor of the Wirral. Their compassionate ethos remains unchanged because poverty persists in 2018. People rarely consider their safety nets until they are in desperate need. This project aims to raise awareness of the mission’s role in providing an essential safety net.

Kirsty Lodge

Neoteric Eden is a collection of bespoke upholstery fabric inspired by forms and textures of plants. The literal and abstract style adds character alongside the playful use of colour. These hand-woven jacquard fabrics have their own personality, creating an atmosphere that brings a uniqueness to their surrounding environment.

Joy Pocock

These heritage dolls represent a way of life not often seen in today’s modern world. Perhaps from a time when life appeared slower. They come from a time when local craftsmanship was the standard way of trading and the thought of having goods from another country was for the wealthy and few.

Each doll has been connected to a craftsperson or a museum that aims to keep the history of that time alive. In making these dolls, the creator has also discovered connections within her own family history of craftsmen and women as wooden boat builders, fishermen and weavers.

Instagram: @bettyvirago