Apan Azad

Through the use of hand embroidery techniques, goldwork embellishment and hand-dyed natural silks, Apan Azad has hand-crafted opulent fashion textiles starring ethereal and endearing alien creatures that explore the human expression of thought and feeling.



Leah Boyd

Urban Nostalgia consists of two contrasting collections, featuring a range of hand drawn and digital elements; combined to create individual and unique artworks for commercial spaces. These collections evoke the familiar feeling of excitement and anticipation that can be felt in a city.

Tanya Granaghan

DATED is a fresh and contemporary print collection that explores the delicious and disgusting textures and colours found on out-of-date foods, altering our idea of luxury by turning quite a gross subject matter into something that is desirable and beautiful.


Instagram: @tanyastextiles_

Alice Bailey

Soft Pop S/S 16 was the starting point for Neon Tactility. Using denim, and a mixture of hard and soft materials working together. These have formed a playful, tactile and exciting fashion collection. Bright and neon colours coming together to improve and lift mood and increase brain power.



Amelia McCreith

Inspired by the idea of art autonomy, McCreith’s collection creates new meaning which differs from the readymade artefacts it is based on. The exploration of form and colour impacts this meaning and encourages the viewer to determine the content through their personal interpretation.