Natalie Pulsford

Illusion is a collection of bespoke, hand-woven, 100% silk wall coverings and wallpaper. Designs simulating from optical illusions; inspired by oil spills which evoke forever changing patterns and shapes. Illuminating any room using colourful and iridescent tones conjuring playful decorative interior fabrics using varying gradients and blends of bright colours.

Instagram @nataliepulsfordtextiles

Isabella Stevens

Woven Living formations as part of ‘Living Textiles’ Collection. Inspired by the playful sounds, motions and textures the sea naturally creates when it comes in contact with the shore. Designed to grow/transform off the loom. Each hand-dyed plant-based length shares a story of its own journey.

100% Vegan.

Sophie Wilkinson

Material Revolutions is an on-going development project that aims to invent, inspire and explore design methods which aim to reform colour and material design. Envisioned for uses in architecture, interior design and automotive, the expanding library experiments with combining material qualities and technologies together, to generate and present the unexpected.

Instagram: @sw_conceptdesign

Esther Parkinson

Lelliphant’s Adventures

The story of a little yellow elephant called Lelliphant. Inspired by expeditions in the Peak District, train rides, Geocaching and the world of imagination.

The cross-disciplinary link between textiles and illustration gives a refreshing, unrestrained approach to storytelling. Following in Lelliphant’s footsteps, this adventure can help children to learn creatively through experience, problem-solving and interactivity.

Sammar Khalifa

Sammar Khalif is a designer-maker specialising in embroidery.

Her fascination for folds led her to continue her exploration with folds through capturing different hair textures and draping fabrics.&then closely drawing from folds in clothing and then create experimental drawings translating those drawings Into traditional hand embroidery techniques