Sophie Pickering

This is collection of handmade yarns using a variety of fibres and materials inspired by drawings of extra-terrestrial florals, in order to create textile materials that have the potential to be transformed into final knitted products by others.

Sophie Hall

This collection is inspired by the abstract shapes found within sea life. The project brings playful and vibrant prints to high-street, girl’s summer clothing, appealing to both adults and children.

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Sophia Reeson

This collection is designed to improve access to the visual arts for the visually impaired. A monochromatic colour palette, paired with the use of visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory senses, creates a story of the art of woven fabrics. 

Allergy warning: Please be aware when handling.

This exhibition uses essential oils, wool and burnt MDF.


@art is never blind

Rosie White

This collection of woven interior products, for spring/summer 19, is inspired by White’s drawing collection. Tactility and material choice have been key throughout the whole project. With issues such as climate change, it was important to find materials that were sustainable or recycled, but were still able to provide bold and exciting textures to the finished products.  

@ Rosie White

Rebecca Baldwin

A lifestyle collection for those who wear socks with sandals and glow with a certain quirkiness. Each piece is carefully constructed, using colours from the sand, sea and table. Intriguing accessories emulate tactile indulgence. Hand tufted trousers/rug hold a captivating aesthetic, beautiful objects in their own right.