Jackie Yu

This project perfectly embodies the identity of the designer, unifying influences from her heritage with dark aesthetics and allowing the imagination to rein free in an unrestrained drawing process, whilst utilising a slow, hand stitch technique. A trend driven, high-end fashion collection as created for those who seek individuality and artistry in a sophisticated and elegant manner.

Instagram: jackieyu_textiles

Wix Site: https://jackieyu4.wixsite.com/fmpcollection

Alice Sutherland

Bad News Bears
Bad News Bears is a sustainable collection of hand embroidered and digitally printed designs, intended for bespoke bralettes and accessories.
The juxtaposition of kawaii and grunge aesthetics, along with upcycled embellishment, delivers a message on materialism, the climate emergency and its impact on our mental health.

Instagram account is: @alicesembroidery

Nancy Maurer

This collection focuses on the attention to detail in the everyday
objects that surround us to create bold statement digital and hand
embellished pieces. This Wimbledon inspired colour palette is
intended for a high-end women’s sportswear collection S/S 2021 ready-to-wear and sports inspired couture collection S/S 2021

instagram @nancy.embroidery

Scarlet Mercer

Narrative Thread- Told Through Folds
An embroidered interior collection, each large design folds into a smaller design following the same storyline. Inspired by Greek mythology and biophilic design to create a sense of wonder in everyday life. Ideal for dividing large rooms to create a flexible living space, natural forms, colours, and flowing lines soothe the mind.

Instagram @scarlett_embroidery


Erin Manas

Animeted – contemporary window dressing
A collection of window coverings that offer privacy while transforming the space into a magical otherworldly realm.
Inspired by the simple beauty of everyday life and nature in anime and manga, the Animeted collection manipulates
light and colour to create a sense of comfort and well being in the home

Website: https://erinmanas.wixsite.com/animeted

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/erinsembroidery/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Erinanneartist

Harley Brierley

This collection was greatly inspired by architecture and avant garde fashion, embodying a
midnight black colour palette whilst exploring a variety of fabric textural qualities. Structural
and three dimensional embroidery was a key factor in producing the series of interchangeable fashion accessories giving the wearer a sense of empowerment and fearless confidence.



Fiona Worrall

“Elizabeth’s Pain”
Elizabeth is disabled by invisible chronic pain, centered in her spine, affecting her ability to move short distances without crutches.

This artwork, for a gallery space, represents different aspects of Elizabeth’s constant chronic pain.

It is an exhibit but also the model for a larger work.

Elizabeth Parker


Inspired by the often unpredictable and chaotic nature of children’s art, Parker created Childlore with the intention of offering adults, via nostalgia, a brief respite from the responsibilities of modern life, by providing a momentary sanctuary and a sense of calm. Throughout the project, Parker showcased her craft as an embroiderer and contemporary practitioner.

Instagram @elizabeth_parker_embroidery

Website is https://eparkertextiles.wixsite.com/elizabethparker?fbclid=IwAR0yofhsfCe2SzrB5zJo609tjwFxvpQDSNjhvedxObVJP1TbPGU6SYoefAU

Email is e.parker_@outlook.com

Eleanor Cross

The Mini Artist is a gender-neutral fashion collection that encourages creativity
and self-expression to the fashion-conscious generation Alphas aged between
7-12 years old. Inspired by shape and patterns found in sculptures Cross has
translated her observational drawings into embroidery and digital print to produce this high end-end textiles collection for S/S21


Instagram: el.cross.textiles

Website: http://www.eleanor-cross.com

Rubab Akram

 The collection has been inspired by the patterns and structures within historical holy places such as Islamic and Church Architecture, reinventing and praising the past. Heavily Embellished geometrical and floral trim’s design have been embroidered onto hand dyed velvet, beautifully crafted style conscious customers.

Email  rubab_akram15@hotmail.com 

Instagram : designs_by_rubab

Sarah Dick

The Movement Collection consists of a bespoke necklace and earring composed of beads and sequins for Spring Summer 2021 season.  The inspiration for the piece came from textures found with microorganisms which were replicated using a selection of beads and sequins. The colour palette was refined to focus on shades of the three colours. The one off pieces were made for a high end jewellery market.

Instagram: @sarahdicktextiles

Website: https://sarahvictoriadick.wixsite.com/

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