Trudie Montford

‘A natural reflection’ combines the natural and illusionary world. Inspired by layers found within natural textures, and mirror illusions, Montford uses knit and mixed media textiles to translate elements of natural textures and design mirror cubes that repeat, magnify and highlight the importance of these layers in representing the beauty found in natural texture.

Elizabeth Ridley

“Cottonopolis” is a 100% cotton-based knitwear collection designed for
‘Represent Clo’ and their Autumn/Winter 2021 line. The project is
inspired by the rich cotton history of The city of Manchester, along the
combination of the old and modern industrial architecture. The grunge
street wear showcases layering of fabrics, removable compartments and fastenings.


Molly Thornton Watts

‘Hooked’ was inspired by research into fishing gear which is left behind in the oceans due to overfishing. Photography taken specifically for this project in Addu Atoll, Maldives captured the beauty of these negative effects left behind by man. The knit samples produced were influenced by these images, creating textured knit’s for Spring/Summer 2021.

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Echoe Moyers

Hold and Hide explores the idea of pockets through knitted textiles. Creating knitted pieces inspired by the shapes and textures found within everyday pockets and creating pockets, designed for the same purpose, to hold and hide. The aim within this project is create interesting, contemporary pieces for fashion. These pieces will be completely modular, being able to be attached and unattached from each other in order to create a unisex collection that can be changed around to fit the personality of the customer.

Emma Archibald

‘Blurred Textures’ is a collection of knitted fabrics used as panels in interior spaces to utilise natural light and encourage co-design. Over the summer season these panels can be used as light and being aesthetically flattering to the interior space knitted interiors.

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