Jemma Shaw

A waffling structure has been formed into a collection of woven soft furnishings for a high end/high street market. Taking inspiration from the hidden beauty that lies within, the architectural formations have influenced aesthetically pleasing décor and accents of colour. This collection provides comfort as this is key when designing for all seasons.

instagram @jemmas_textiles

Hannah Russell

Driven by an interest in how fibre characteristics can be manipulated, The Shape of Water uses high twist yarns and simple structures to create hand woven textiles that contract upon interaction with water. The result is a collection envisioned for high-end women’s blousing that embodies the tranquillity and beauty in water movement, through organic surface textures and soft minimalist tones.



Millie Painter

Project Title: Growing
Growing is an all season, luxury, woven collection designed for millennials. Inspiring botanicals have lead to the use of elegant hues, intricate twills, lustrous materials and delicate finishes, creating maximalist soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics. Growing interiors closely duplicate the calming, comforting feelings induced by the outdoors, bringing them into our home sanctuary.

Bryony Martin Brown

Project Title: Architectural Structures Architectural Structures takes inspiration from shape and form within Antoni Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona to create commercial, woven fabric suitable for roman blinds at an upper market level. Influenced by Spring/Summer 2021 trends this collection focuses on using artificial colours and exaggerated forms combined with texture to create a bold, statement pieces for the home.

Lucy Hayes

Modernising MAN
A tactile collection of hand-woven fabrics that combines traditional structures such as corduroy with innovative 3D aspects to give an updated edge. Merino wool presents a luxurious feel with the addition of technical yarns adding a sense of practicality. Dark tones combined with accents of bright colours make the fabrics suitable for AW 21/22 in the menswear market.


Instagram : lucyh_textiles


Millie Downing

Perfect Imperfections
A collection inspired by the delicate, decaying imperfections of nature; craquelure, rust and gum tree bark have provided significant stimulus for digital drawings. These digital drawings have been pertinent in creating jacquard designs; comprising of bold and contemporary pieces, intended for high end womenswear tailoring during the season of Spring/Summer 2020. Fil coupe, tassels and floats are key elements of this collection.

Instagram @mdtextiles

Eve Davitt

Eve Davitt is a Tapestry artist who has created her “Primary Collection’ centered around the themes of contemporary design and colour. She has produced a series of modern woven compositional pieces to be displayed within the home. The tapestries are bold and will add flow and colour to any space.

Sabrina Cowper

Sculptured Light is a collection of handwoven cloth, intended for window treatment fabrics such as blinds and curtains. The collection is intended for high interior markets during Spring/Summer. The fibers used consist of Linen, Lurex and Monofilament, which all contribute to a sheer surface when displayed in sunlight.


Instagram: @textilesbysabrina

Eleanor Cairns

Architextiles is a site-specific concept that explores the properties of how mindfully woven textile dividers can improve an interior space to promote a worker’s wellbeing by creating a healthy work and rest balance within their environment. The woven textiles are designed to adapt to a building’s interior, so the consumer can add, take away and redesign their space quickly and easily as and when their needs for it changes.


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