Millie Downing

Perfect Imperfections
A collection inspired by the delicate, decaying imperfections of nature; craquelure, rust and gum tree bark have provided significant stimulus for digital drawings. These digital drawings have been pertinent in creating jacquard designs; comprising of bold and contemporary pieces, intended for high end womenswear tailoring during the season of Spring/Summer 2020. Fil coupe, tassels and floats are key elements of this collection.

Instagram @mdtextiles

Eve Davitt

Eve Davitt is a Tapestry artist who has created her “Primary Collection’ centered around the themes of contemporary design and colour. She has produced a series of modern woven compositional pieces to be displayed within the home. The tapestries are bold and will add flow and colour to any space.

Sabrina Cowper

Sculptured Light is a collection of handwoven cloth, intended for window treatment fabrics such as blinds and curtains. The collection is intended for high interior markets during Spring/Summer. The fibers used consist of Linen, Lurex and Monofilament, which all contribute to a sheer surface when displayed in sunlight.


Instagram: @textilesbysabrina

Eleanor Cairns

Architextiles is a site-specific concept that explores the properties of how mindfully woven textile dividers can improve an interior space to promote a worker’s wellbeing by creating a healthy work and rest balance within their environment. The woven textiles are designed to adapt to a building’s interior, so the consumer can add, take away and redesign their space quickly and easily as and when their needs for it changes.


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